Ignite the Kingdom

Ignite The Kingdom

is An Exciting New Collaboration Of Ministries Who Have Joined Forces To Help Transform Our Business Community Through The Activation Of Faith In The Workplace.

We equip, empower, and encourage the “sleeping giants” of the church to passionately pursue the things of God. We come alongside churches to serve individuals, couples, and families by offering Encounters, Experiences, and Education. This includes teaching, prayer ministry, workshops (egGods voice), art, worship experiences and more.  Visit us: www.facebook.com/ActivationMinistries

To mobilize the marketplace for Christ. We serve Christian workers, local churches and marketplace ministries. Visit us: www.atworkonpurpose.org

We equip Christian CEOs and owners to build great businesses for a greater purpose. We serve Christian CEOs and Owners with 5 or more employees. Visit us: www.c12cincinnati.com

To rally the body of Christ in support of one another in business and ministry. We serve leaders of Christian owned and operated businesses in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Visit us: www.trustbluereview.com

Five Capitals Business coach, speaker and author of “Win at Home First,” whose desire is to connect people to greater performance and more significant purpose. Serves business leaders who want to win both at home and work. Visit us: www.corymcarlson.com

To engage and equip leaders “unsettled about settling” in their personal, professional and spiritual lives. We serveentrepreneurs, executives, emerging leaders and business owners. Visit us: www.cru.org

We Offer Insight, Inspiration and Hope to Business Owners, Managers and Staff through Powerful On Site Prayer Sessions and Follow Up. We serve leaders and teams in small to mid-sized businesses in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Visit us: www.d3cincy.com

Our mission is to mentor, coach, and teach entrepreneurs to live up to their God given calling and live life to the fullest. Visit us: www.kingdombusinessbreakthrough.com

We support leaders and leadership teams who wish to more fully align themselves and their organizations with God’s purposes, presence and power. Visit us: www.lightfororganizations.org

Providing an opportunity for marketplace Christians to connect on a consistent basis with a threefold purpose: Accelerate our members’ business growth, foster God honoring relationships, and have fun learning and growing together. We serve business, professional and ministry leaders. Contact: jack.schrand@cbws.com

To equip and empower individuals and organizations to launch and lead ventures which manifest the Kingdom of God in communities around the world. We serve artists, creatives, church leaders, and business owners to better equip them with entrepreneurial principles and biblical understanding for their life and leadership. Visit us: www.oceanprograms.com

We disciple marketplace leaders in Cincinnati to lead a transformed and integrated life. We serve business owners and leaders. Visit us: www.vineyardcincinnati.com/onelife

To create a fun workspace that strives to promote a network of original, resilient, collative, and adaptable innovators. We serve creatives, entrepreneurs, corporate groups, seasoned business leaders, work from home-ers, and weekend warriors. Visit us: www.orcacoworking.com

To walk disengaged workers on a path to find purpose and purposeful employment. We serve disengaged workers. Visit us: www.purposepromise.org

A platform to bring awareness to prayer, worship, volunteer and other opportunities for participation across cities. We serve everyone who wants to be connected to events around their community. Visit us: www.unifythekingdom.net

To help working women grow in faith, build relationships and impact the community. Our studies are designed to help women find their purpose at work, feel God’s presence in their lives, and develop friendships with other working women. We serve working women of all faith and careers. Visit us: www.womeninmarketplace.net

A business and personal coaching company dedicated to unlocking God given potential in the marketplace. We serve “Christ Followers “the marketplace. Visit us: www.witheos.com